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Australian Migration Agent sydney - Dubai

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Innovative, modern migration firm focused on solutions


We are a young, modern and dynamic migration firm which invests in innovative technology and continuous education to ensure we are the best in the business. Because we invest in technology we are able to provide a faster more streamlined service to our clients, which means less time spent on your matter yet still providing the highest standards of service and quality work. Our advanced systems and processes means faster processing of matters which means we can provide our clients with the most efficient service and the most competitive fees in the market given our level of expertise.

Our migration lawyers and migration agents have over 15 years collective experience in Australian immigration law. We pride ourselves on not only being Registered Migration Agents but we are also registered Australian Lawyers as well. Our team has experience in a variety of Australian laws, with our main speciality being Australian immigration law. Our team is well versed in immigration law and its intricacies, so you can rest assured your case is in the right hands.We believe our experience and legal background in Australian law (not just immigration law) gives us an advantage and allows us to better service our clients by being able to offer advice and guidance on other areas of law that could affect our clients.

Our team of dedicated lawyers are passionate about law and providing our clients with superior legal and migration services. We are confident our team of lawyers and registered migration agents can offer the highest standard of services and act with the utmost professionalism and care. 

We Speak Your Language

All our lawyers are bilingual and we offer all our clients a personalised service. We have an Arabic lawyer and migration agent, Turkish Lawyer and migration agent and Urdu speaking lawyer and migration agent. 

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Urdu & Turkish.

Our Services

Our team offers all migration related services including

  • Visa Assessment
  • Migration Consultation
  • Visa Application Preparation & Management
  • Appeals 
  • Attendance at tribunals & courts

If you have any legal queries relating to laws in Australia or the UAE as well as UAE resident legal issues, then CONTACT US today to discuss your needs


We are also Australian licensed and practicing lawyers not just migration agents. There are a number of differences between Australian Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents, which include the following:


Migration agents are required to:

  • Complete a 6 month migration course and pass exams; and
  • Apply to be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration (“OMARA”).

Migration lawyers are required to:

  • Complete at least a Bachelor of Laws degree (which requires minimum of 4 years university education);
  • Undertake practical legal training in the form of work experience with a law firm;
  • Complete a post graduate Diploma in Practical Legal Training through the College of Law and pass exams;
  • Apply to the Supreme Court for admission as a lawyer; and
  • Apply to the Legal Practice Board of the State for a Practicing Certificate.

Whilst both are qualified to provide migration services, migration lawyers go through much more legal education and training in order to be able to practice as a lawyer. The legal profession in Australia is very traditional and many of its laws were adopted from the UK. The strict requirements to becoming a lawyer is a testament to the weight afforded to those wishing to practice law in Australia. 

Under the Legal Profession Act, no person can hold himself or herself out as a lawyer unless he or she holds a practicing certificate.


In Australia, legal professional privilege (also referred to as client legal privilege) is a rule of law protecting communications between legal practitioners and their clients from disclosure under compulsion of court or statute. Both migration agents and lawyers are required to keep communication between themselves and a client confidential, however, only a lawyer has the right to claim legal professional privilege. The legal privilege, which if applicable, will protect client to lawyer communications entirely confidential, and protected from disclosure to a court for example.



Migration agents and lawyers who providing immigration assistance, advice and consultation are in actual fact providing legal services in migration related matters. The Australian migration law is comprised of the Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994, and being a Common Law country, we are bound by past decisions of tribunals and Courts on cases initiated under these two (2) legislation.

Migration lawyers are more likely to have deeper understanding of the migration law as a whole and the various applications of the law as lawyers are trained in other laws, court practice and procedure which gives lawyers exposure and experience in a vast variety of legal matters, matters and application of the law.


  • Codes of conduct are created to provide protection for clients and to ensure the professions integrity is upheld.
  • Migration Agents are subject to the OMARA code of conduct.
  • Lawyers are subject to the Legal Profession Act, the Legal Professional Conduct Rules and the Law Society Ethical and Practice Guidelines.
  • The legal profession has a more comprehensive and stricter code of conduct.


Not only do migration services encompass advising on migration pathways and visa application preparation, but it also includes appealing to the migration review tribunal, administrative appeals tribunal or refugee review tribunal, and appealing to courts for a review of migration decisions.

Migration agents are unable to represent you in appeals to the Commonwealth Courts of Australia. Rather a lawyer and barrister will need to be engaged in order to assist you and represent you in these matters.

For our business migration clients our lawyers are able further extend our services and provide you with full legal representation in the Courts, and also to provide advice on other legal matters relating to your immigration matter such as investment and tax law, business law, corporate law, property law and so forth.

If you are interested in migrating to Australia, the lawyers at Events Migration are qualified as both Migration Agents and lawyers. Our migration agents and lawyers can provide you with professional and comprehensive legal advice relating to your migration matter and the migration process.