Student Visa

Australian Student Visa process

An Australian Student visa allows you to stay in Australia to studyย full-timeย in a recognised education institution.
What thisย visa lets you do?
  • This is a temporary residence visa that allows you to reside in Australia for theย duration of your studies
  • Work in Australia
  • Eligible family members can accompany you to Australia.
Requirements for Australian student visa

You can apply for an Australian student visa if you:

  • are a genuine temporary entrant
  • are at least six years of age
  • have been accepted to study at an educational institution in Australia
  • have health insurance
  • Meet health and good character requirements
Visa Processing Timeframeย : 27 days to 58 days

How to apply for an australian student visa

1. You first need to determine which institute you want to study at and which course to study. We recommend considering your course options against your future employment plans including any plans to seek to work in Australia after graduation, occupation demands and employment opportunities.

2. Apply to the institution for enrolment, receive an offer letter, pay tuition fee and obtain a confirmation of enrolment.

3. Collect documentation including identity documents, IELTS results (if applicable) and other required documents.

4. Begin applying for your student visa online.ย 

The student visa process has been streamlined to make it more straightforward for visa applicants. In saying that it is still very important that visa applicants are aware that they need to satisfy the Temporary Entrant Criteria. The temporary entrant criteria considers the applicants situation and whether they are genuinely entering Australia to study or not. Somethings that are taken into consideration include

  • the value of the course to your overall career, and life.
  • Whether you have family in Australia
  • Your ties to your home country
  • Any issues that are occurring in your home country that may be considered a reason for you to not want to return
  • and much much more..

At Executive Migration we have prepared and submitted numerous student visa applications and we are well versed in the student visa requirements.ย 

English languageย 

Validity of IELTS or PTE test for Australianย student visa

Australian student visas require that โ€˜you must have taken the English language test in the 2 years before you apply for a student visa.โ€™